Golden Scapolite Facet Rough Tanzania GLI

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Gem ID#:6728
Weight:6.40 carats
Size:15 x 9 x 7 mm
ClarityFacet grade mine run rough
Color:Rich golden yellow
Treatment:None guaranteed natural!
Note:Nice color transparent Scapolite facet rough. Untouched mine run rough and some will need to be trimmed but overall... it is nice facet grade material and should give a good yield. Scapolite is relatively rare and while available now because of the limited Tanzanian find, is one of the most undervalued rare gemstones on the market today.

First found in 1913, Scapolite occurs in yellow, purple, pink, blue, gray and colorless. The newest resource of this variety has recently been discovered in the Umba River area of Tanzania, which has proven to be quite popular in the market. The name Scapolite is derived from the Greek Skapos which means Shaft and Lithos for stone alluding to its stick-like crystals. Scapolite is more of a collector's stone. Transparent specimens are rare and can be very attractive when cut as gemstones.

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Golden Scapolite Facet Rough Tanzania GLIGolden Scapolite Facet Rough Tanzania GLI